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Common Questions About Doors

What are the parts of a door?

When selecting new doors for your home, it helps to know the different parts of a door and how they work together.

  • Adjustable Threshold: threshold that can be adjusted up and down to ensure a tight seal with the door panel. Creates a customized fit for changing weather conditions, i.e. humidity, cold, dry air, etc.
  • Door glazing: the glass system used in the door.
  • Door handing: describes direction door opens and placement of the handle. When standing outside, look at the closed door. If door swings in: Handle on right = left hand door Handle on left = right hand door If door swings out: Handle on right = right hand door Handle on left = left hand door
  • Door Jamb: an upright piece forming the side of the door frame. As an integral part of the frame, the jamb works to ensure a tight fit for the door in your home.
  • Multi-Point Locking System: locks in more than one location on the door and frame. Provides increased security and a weathertight seal.
  • Sidelite: glass decorative accessory placed next to a door for ornamentation and to allow light to pass through.
  • Door Sill: the bottom composite member of the door frame. Composed of two pieces: the threshold and the subsill. Works to keep weather (air and water) infiltration to a minimum.
  • Strikeplate: Protects the jamb from the hardware latch. Covers the latch and deadbolt.
  • Subsill: area beneath the sill. Sometimes includes a weep system to drain water away from the home.
  • Sweep: the weatherseal on the bottom of the door panel that makes contact with the threshold.
  • Swing-in: describes a door system which opens inward, toward the home, when in operation.
  • Swing-out: describes a door system which opens outward, away from the home, when in operation.
  • Threshold: the bottom part of the door frame, i.e. the area you step on when entering or exiting through the doorway.
  • Weatherstripping: flexible material surrounding door panel to protect your home from air infiltration. Should be tight enough to create a seal when the door is closed.
  • Weep System: located in the sill, it channels water away from your home.




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